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Financial Assistance Policy

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Financial Assistance Policy


Providence Medical Center (PMC) can help people who are unable to pay their hospital bill. PMC may be able to reduce your bill, or erase it. Patients who are able to pay their bill will be expected to.

1. Services that can have ‘reduced’ or ‘no cost’. This policy applies to all medical care that is needed and given at PMC.

2. Who can get help with medical bills. Patients who have no insurance or not enough insurance can apply for financial help with their hospital bills. Also, there are poverty guidelines set by the United States Government that PMC uses to decide if a person needs financial help.

3. How to apply for help with medical bills. There is a Financial Assistance Application that a patient can get from the PMC Business Office. It must be completely filled out and returned to the hospital within 10 days. If it is not returned in 10 days, the billing process will continue.

4. How it is decided if you can get help with medical bills. A committee will look at the completed application form. The committee may ask the patient for more information. PMC will try to make a decision about financial aid 10 days after they get the completed application. A new application must be filled out every year. Age, sex, national origin, color, religion, or handicap will not make any difference in the decision of the committee.

5. Amounts billed to people who have no insurance or enough insurance. PMC can reduce charges to people without insurance or who don’t have enough insurance. An average of the three highest insurance discounts will be used to decide how much the hospital will reduce medical bills.

6. Emergency Care. PMC will give emergency treatment to anyone who comes to the hospital. It will not matter if the patient can pay or not pay.

7. Where to find this policy. This policy will be posted and put in places where anyone can easily find it. Some places are on the Hospital website, in the billing envelopes, and given to patients when they come into or leave the hospital.

8. How much Aid is allowed. The Hospital Board of Directors can decide if a limit is set on the amount of financial help the hospital can give.

9. How to apply for other aid programs. PMC can help patients apply for Medicare, Medicaid and other government medical assistance programs. If the patient does not try to get the other aid programs, the hospital may decide not to give any financial aid.

10. Not paying the hospital. If a patient does not try to pay their bill, they may be turned into a collection and/or credit agency.  If a patient applies for financial help before the bill is turned into a collection and/or credit agency, all collection action will stop until financial aid help is decided.

Financial Assistance Application...Click Here

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