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Physical Therapy

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Physical Therapy

Physical therapists, as key members of today'™s health care team, provide medical support through evaluation, treatment, and prevention of a wide variety of movement and function problems. Physical therapists and physical therapist assistants work with individuals to improve movement potential, decrease pain, and achieve individual therapy goals for optimal health.

Providence Physical Therapy provides physical therapy services for outpatients, skilled and acute inpatients at Providence Medical Center, and Providence Home Health patients within a 45-mile radius. Providence Therapy provides therapy services to the residents at Hillcrest Care Center of Laurel and Wakefield Health Care Center. Providence also provides music therapy, physical therapy and occupational therapy services to Laurel and Wayne public schools.

Mission Statement:
Providence Medical Center Therapy staff will respond to physician's™ orders in an expedient and professional manner, provide ethical outcome-based intervention, and interact with others with respect and a positive attitude.

Hours of Operation:
7:30 am to 6:00 pm Monday through Friday
Special appointments may be scheduled on an individual basis

(877) 375-PTOT (7868)

Providence Medical Center
1200 Providence Road
Wayne, NE 68787
Phone: (402) 375-7937
Toll Free: 877-375-PTOT (7868)
Fax: (402) 375-7956

Providence Therapy Outreach Clinic
699 Cedar Ave.
Laurel, NE
Phone: (402) 256-9551
Fax: (402) 256-9564

Wakefield Health Care Center (located on the west end of the Care Center)
306 Ash St
Wakefield, NE
Phone: (877) 375-PTOT (7868)


Meet our Staff:

Dawn Addison-Corbit, PT, DPT. Dawn is a resident of Laurel, NE. She received her Bachelor of Science degree from the University of South Dakota in 1992 and earned her Doctor of Physical Therapy degree in 2008 from the University of South Dakota. Dawn'™s interests include orthopedics, geriatrics and aquatic therapy. Dawn provides services at the Laurel and Wayne locations as well as Hillcrest Care Center.


Andrea Blecke, PT, ATC. Andrea is originally from Wakefield, NE. She received her Bachelor of Science degree from Wayne State College in 2000, Master of Physical Therapy from UNMC in 2003 and Doctor of Physical Therapy from UNMC in 2005. Andrea has been a Certified Athletic Trainer since 2001. Her clinical interests include orthopedics, sports medicine and aquatic therapy. Andrea provides physical therapy services at the Providence Medical Center Therapy
Clinic in Wayne as well as Athletic Training services to Wayne High School.


Amy Bowers, PT, MPT. Amy graduated from UNMC in 1992. She is a lifelong resident of Wayne and began working at PMC in 1995. Her interests include orthopedic rehab and geriatrics. She is part of the discharge planning team with inpatient care. Amy works at the Providence Medical Center Therapy Clinic and provides physical therapy care to residents and outpatients at the Wakefield Health Care Center.


Barb Braun, PTA. Barb graduated from Western Iowa Technical Community College in August of 2005. She graduated with an Associate of Applied Science degree as a physical therapist assistant. Barb is originally from Niobrara, Nebraska. She currently resides in Ponca, Nebraska. Her interests include orthopedics, aquatic therapy, and hands-on therapy techniques. Barb works at the Providence Therapy Outreach Clinic in Laurel and treats residents at Hillcrest Care Center.


Jean Harrold-Loberg, PT. Jean is from Palmer, IA. She graduated from the University of Iowa and has enjoyed a career in physical therapy since 1984. Jean is certified in adult Neuro-Developmental Techniques. Her interests include balance/vestibular disorders and neurological patients.  Jean is an expert in treating dizziness and treats patients at the Providence Medical Center Therapy Clinic in Wayne.


Amanda Heithold, PTA. Mandy graduated from Northeast Community College in 2005 with an associate of applied science degree as a physical therapist assistant. She is a lifelong resident of Wayne and her interests include geriatrics, orthopedics, and neurological rehabilitation. Mandy works at the Providence Medical Center Therapy Clinic and provides physical therapy care to residents and outpatients at the Wakefield Health Care Center.

Andrea Johnson, PT, DPT. Andrea is originally from Wakefield, NE. After receiving her Bachelor of Science degree from Wayne State College in 2002, she attended Creighton University and completed her Doctor of Physical Therapy degree in 2005. Her interests include manual therapy, orthopedics and pediatric therapy.  Andrea works at the Providence Therapy Outreach Clinic in Laurel, Providence Medical Center Therapy Clinic in Wayne, provides physical therapy care to children through the Laurel-Concord school system and treats residents at Hillcrest Care Center.


Gail McCorkindale, PT, DPT. Therapy Supervisor. Gail is originally from Bancroft, NE. She received her Bachelor of Science degree from Dana College, graduated from the PT program at UNMC in 1990 and completed her Doctor of Physical Therapy degree through Creighton University in 2005. Gail's clinical interests include manual therapy, orthopedics, and women's health. Gail works primarily at the Providence Medical Center Therapy Clinic.

Molly Redden, PT, DPT. Molly received her Bachelor of Science degree from WSC in 2002 and completed her Doctor of Physical Therapy through the University of South Dakota in 2007. Molly is a lifelong resident of Wayne and her interests include orthopaedics, pediatrics and aquatic therapy. Molly provides physical therapy services at the Providence Medical Center Therapy Clinic in Wayne and to students at the Wayne Public Schools.

Tim Ellis, MS, ATC. Tim is a veteran athletic trainer originally from Plainview, NE. He received his Bachelor of Arts degree from Wayne State College in 1978, a Master of Science degree from the University of Nebraska at Omaha in 1981, and is certified by the National Athletic Trainer's Association. Tim provides athletic training services to students at the Wayne and Winside public schools. 


Therapy Services Offered:

Aquatic Therapy
Aquatic therapy is the fastest growing area of physical and occupational therapy and rehabilitation. An aquatic therapy program through PMC offers our patients a chance to have early effective outcomes through active rather than passive treatments. Water supports and challenges, while promoting a return to full function. In summary, an aquatic physical and occupational therapy program gives PMC a chance to provide a service that meets the needs of the communities we serve.

PMC therapists work with their patients and PMC employees in evaluating job-related or hobby-related ergonomic hazards. PMC therapists evaluate and redesign workstations to promote optimal posture and body position.

Fall Prevention
Providence Medical Center has a fall prevention program designed to identify and treat people at risk of falling. The goals of this program are to improve client safety during walking. Based on a client'™s risk of falling, physical therapy treatment and/or a home exercise program will be started. Therapy treatment may include activities to improve strength, flexibility, and balance. Therapy treatment may also include one-on-one training and patient education to improve a client'™s walking pattern and safety.  Recommendations for assistive devices such as walkers, crutches or canes will be made. The therapists may also recommend that changes be made to the patient'™s home in order to improve safety.

A persistent swelling of the arm or leg can be treated through exercise, massage, and compression garments.

Neurological Services
Clients who have experienced neurological damage, such as stroke or head injury, or have a chronic neurological disease (multiple sclerosis or Parkinson'™s disease), may benefit from a complete assessment of his/her functional abilities. Specialized therapy techniques by trained therapists maximize a client'™s potential for independence and safety in the home and the community. A combination of occupational therapy, physical therapy and speech therapy may be necessary to provide a comprehensive treatment program.

Orthopedics/Sports Medicine
Providence Medical Center therapists perform orthopedic evaluations on patients with acute athletic and work-related injuries, joint conditions and muscular dysfunctions. Providence Therapists have extensive experience in the rehabilitation of total joints on an inpatient and outpatient basis. Providence Medical Center will be offering on-site joint replacement surgery in the fall of 2011.

Providence therapists establish individual treatment programs based on diagnosis, assessment findings, and goals. The staff of therapists and assistants incorporates hands-on treatment techniques and utilizes equipment in each of the 3 spacious outpatient clinics. The therapy staff also has access to exercise equipment in the fully equipped Wellness Center located at Providence Medical Center. The therapy staff looks forward to 2012 completion date of the new Providence Therapy Clinic on the Providence Medical Center campus.

Prosthetic Training
Our therapists, in conjunction with a Prosthetist or Orthotist, train patients in the use of prosthetic or orthotic devices.

Splinting and Braces
PMC therapists are trained in the measurement for and fabrication of appropriate prescribed devices for patients.

Vestibular/Dizziness Disorders                                                                                                                                                           New technology has aided our therapists in enhancing our ability to assess and treat balance and vestibular disorders. Treatment begins with an extensive evaluation by a licensed physical therapist specifically trained in vestibular therapy. A crucial part of the evaluation is obtaining a complete history and then proceeding with specific test that direct the most appropriate treatment for relief of symptoms. A common condition called BPPV (Benign paroxysmal positional vertigo) may be identified and can be treated with various head repositioning techniques. This vestibular disorder is common and may be treated within one or two visits, while other diagnoses may take a few weeks to improve. For more information on benefits of vestibular therapy, please contact Providence Therapy at 402-375-7937.
Women's Health
PMC Therapy Department offers specialized treatment for a variety of medical conditions affecting women throughout their lives. Following the initial evaluation by a physical therapist, an individual treatment plan is established by the therapist and sent to the woman'™s physician for approval.

Painful menstruation may be relieved with therapeutic exercise and therapy modalities. 

Fibromyalgia is a chronic condition with widespread musculoskeletal pain and tender points. Treatment focuses on reducing pain and promoting improved function through hands-on care, exercise, patient education and thermal modalities.

Osteoporosis is a condition in which the bones become thin and brittle and more prone to fractures. Therapy treatment focuses on exercise, patient education, and therapeutic modalities to decrease pain. The client may also benefit from a brace or external support. 

Pelvic Floor Pain/Dysfunction
The supporting musculature of the bladder, rectum, uterus, and abdominal contents can become dysfunctional. This can result in discomfort with intercourse, sitting, and general daily activities. Treatment may include pelvic floor relaxation training, manual therapy, biofeedback, or modalities to decrease symptoms.

Urinary Incontinence
The involuntary loss of urine is not an inevitable condition of childbirth or aging and can usually be corrected or managed. Incontinence can be treated through patient education, behavioral modification techniques, bladder retraining, exercise, biofeedback and or pelvic muscle electrical stimulation.

Patient types include:

Musculoskeletal Injuries

muscle strain
ligament sprain
joint inflammation

Post-Surgical Conditions

joint replacement
fracture stabilization
ligament and tendon repair or reconstruction
spinal surgery

Therapy Treatment

hands-on techniques (massage, myofascial release, soft tissue mobilization, joint mobilization manual traction, passive and active assistive exercise)
exercise instruction and progression
aquatic therapy
supervised use of exercise equipment
modalities (biofeedback EMG, electrical muscle stimulation, infrared and laser light therapy, heat and/or cold, iontophoresis, mechanical traction, ultrasound and phonophoresis, whirlpool)
mechanical traction (cervical and lumbar)
gait/balance training
brace or splint application
fitting of compression garments for the leg
vestibular rehab/treatment of dizziness

Therapy Goals

restore joint motion
restore muscle strength
increase independence with mobility
decrease pain symptoms
return each patient to full rehabilitative potential




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