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App Instructions

We have a BRAND-NEW Wellness Center App!

You can either open up your phone’s camera and scan the QR code on the attached flyer (you can scan it right off your email on the computer) OR you can type Providence Wellness Center into the search bar of your App Store or Google Play. Either way it should pop up with our blue Wellness Center App! It’s free so download it.

When you download our new App you will be asked to either LOG IN or CREATE ACCOUNT. Please see statement below to know which one you need to do:

1. Previously we were using the Mindbody App. If you have ever logged into that app and created an account, then your Mindbody log in will be the same for this new app. This is IMPORTANT, you DO NOT want to create a new account if you already created an account on our previous app. Instead, you will click ‘LOG IN’. If you forgot your password, there is an option to click on ‘forgot password’ and you will be prompted to reset it. Once you get logged in, it SHOULD sync up with your Mindbody Account from our system. Go into your Account and click on ‘PASSES’ and make sure you see your Single Yearly, Couple/Family Membership Yearly, Senior Yearly, 3 month or whatever membership you have purchased. If it’s current it should show up under ‘Active’. Check the Inactive also because it may have expired recently or if you had an Autopay membership it is technically not active right now. You should see something somewhere. Also, you can check your ‘Attendance’ for visits you’ve logged in the past. The important thing is that you see SOMETHING that shows it’s connected to your Mindbody account we have here. If you don’t see anything or are not sure, email me back asap and I can go in and check it. It may have had trouble finding you and created a duplicate account. I can easily go in and merge those accounts!

2. If you have NEVER signed into our other Mindbody App, then you will ‘Create a New Account’. Fill in your personal information, including your email that we would have in our Mindbody System for you. Once you get your account set up it SHOULD sync up with your Mindbody Account from our system. Again, go into your Account and click on ‘PASSES’ and make sure you see your membership either listed under active or inactive. Or you can check your attendance. Just make sure you see something that shows it synced. If you don’t see anything, email me back asap and I can help troubleshoot!

I would really appreciate it if you could get our new app downloaded this week so we can help you get it set up and make sure you are ready for when we re-open.

Once you are synced up and you verified that it’s synced with your Mindbody Acct we have and you see your EMPLOYEE Membership under passes, you should be good!


• MY ACCOUNT: Here is where you will see your SCHEDULE (upcoming personal training appointments and upcoming classes you are scheduled for, including your 30 min workouts if you sign up for any); also you will see your PASSES, which will show you your current membership and expiration date, current Personal Training Packages and current Group Fitness Class Packages. You will also see your WALLET, which is where you can store your form of payment to purchase classes or personal training.

• BOOKING: Here is where you will ‘book’ all your classes and appointments. FOR NOW, we have set up workout time slots under CLASSES. This is where you can sign up for your 30 min workout slot. You are limited to ONE 30-minute time slot per day for right now. Click on the time you want to sign up for, and then click BOOK CLASS. These are entered as FREE classes so you will not have to check out or buy anything for these workouts. When we start scheduling our Group Fitness Classes in June, we will be limiting those classes to 8 people and you will have to go in to here to sign up for those classes. For these classes, you will have to have punch cards purchased to be able to sign up for classes. Same for appointments, if you are personal training with one of us, you will request appointments or cancel appointments here. The request will go to your trainer
and they will have to approve them. Remember we have a 24-hour cancellation policy, so if you don’t cancel before 24 hours, you will be charged.

• BUY: Here is where you will be able to buy group fitness punch cards and personal training. We do not have the ability to purchase memberships on here or Tai Chi. If you are using payroll deduction to purchase these services, you will need to come to the desk. Remember, if you run out of punches or sessions you won’t be able to book appointments or sign up for classes so it’s your responsibility to keep track of how many you have left and purchase more as needed.

• ATTENDANCE: You are now able to view your wellness center visits on the app. Go to My info and you will see ‘MY ATTENDANCE’. All your visits should be logged there!

• DIGITAL ID CARD: Your membership card is now stored in your app and you can use it to scan in. When you click on the menu (3 bars) on the top left to access your account and classes and buying options, you will see your name and photo and a little picture of a membership card. Click on the membership card. It should bring up a digital card with your same sku and membership number as your current card. Double check that and make sure it is the same. You now will have the option of signing in using your actual membership card (full size or keychain) OR using this digital card.  And what’s even cooler… if you are signed up for a class (which for now will include all of your 30 minute workout sessions) or personal training session and you walk in the door, it will automatically sign you in via geo-check in! BOOM, MIND BLOWN!!!! We are SUPER excited about this!!!!!

Remember, you will have to SIGN UP for your workout times and can go into our App starting TODAY and get signed up! If you prefer not to use the App, you can call us at 402-375-7927 and we can sign you up for a workout time.