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Providence Medical Center


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Therapy Services

Physical Therapy

Physical therapists, as key members of today'™s health care team, provide medical support through evaluation, treatment, and prevention of a wide variety of movement and function problems. Physical therapists and physical therapist assistants work with individuals to improve movement potential, decrease pain, and achieve individual therapy goals for optimal health.

Occupational Therapy

Occupational therapists provide hands-on care and teaching to improve a person's ability to participate in the activities of daily life. Occupational therapists adapt tasks and the environment to maximize independence and quality of life. Occupational therapists are part of a comprehensive health care team working towards maximum function and independence at home, work, or school.

Speech Therapy

Speech therapy focuses on cognitive-communication, speech production, language understanding and formation, feeding and swallowing, and social communication. Speech therapy services are designed to optimize individuals’ ability to communicate and swallow, thereby improving quality of life.  Therapy establishes a new skill or restores an impaired skill or ability.   The ultimate goal is to improve a patient’s functional outcomes.

Athletic Services

Providence provides athletic training injury screens for athletic injuries at the Wayne schools. Providence also provides athletic training coverage for sporting events at the Wayne schools. Providence therapists provide free athletic injury screens for 7th-12th grade student athletes at the Providence Therapy Clinics in Wayne and Laurel.


Therapy Services Offered:

- Amplified  Musculoskeletal Pain Syndrome (AMPS)
- Aphasia
- Aquatic Therapy
- Dizziness/Vestibular Disorders
- Ergonomics
- Fall Prevention
- Feeding/Swallowing
- Lymphedema
- Neurological Services
- Orthopedics/ Sports Medicine
- Prosthetic Training
- Social Communication Disorders
- Splinting and Braces
- Wheelchair Positioning
- Women's Health
        - Fibromyalgia
        - Osteoporosis
        - Pelvic Floor Pain/Dysfunction
        - Urinary Incontinence